Reasons to Ditch College & Pursue a Job

Graduates are in for some startling stats. Just before the 2012 graduating class prepared to complete their last semester, did a piece called ”

Half of College Grads Can’t Find Full-Time Employment.” That’s an eye-opener for a college graduate who’s spent several years in class and tens of thousands of dollars (or more) on tuition, books, and so on.

So, factoring that finding a job today is going to be a bigger obstacle than we’ve seen with previous graduating classes, what’s a college student to do?

Here are 3 reasons to consider quitting college and joining the workforce — because you don’t know when you’ll get another opportunity to “work for pay.”

Here’s a rare, but not unheard of conundrum that comes up occasionally; you are working as an intern and the boss is so impressed, s/he offers you a job right then and there – but you’re still several semesters away from completing your degree.

Let’s weigh some of the “pros and cons” of whether or not you should complete a degree program now, later, or never.

There are many reasons why you would want to bypass education.

First of all, although the college years are a great deal of fun, they are also …


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