Interview Questions for New Graduates

Have an Upcoming Interview? Here's a List of Interview Questions For New College Graduates

When interviewing new graduates, hiring managers sometimes find work-related things to talk about can be a challenge.

So, focusing on some of the less job-specific requirements and more on soft skills, drive, and dedication of any candidate can be important too.

The following represents a list of potential interview questions for new graduates.

Of course, these questions could be customized depending on the new grads specialty.

For example, instead of being asked “Outline the amount of project/program involvement you’ve had to date?” that could be changed to “Outline the research projects you’ve been involved with to date?”

HR managers tend to ask open-ended questions, as new grads don’t always disclose their most valuable career assets within their resumes.

List of Interview Questions for New Graduates

What other positions are you considering?
What made you choose our business/industry to start your career?
What are your career goals?
If we hire you for this position, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Why are you selecting a career that isn’t in line with your college major?

What is/was your college GPA?
Provide an overview of any written works or research you’ve had published?
Have you received academic recognition or awards over a couple of years?
What have been your professional experiences within your fraternity/sorority?

Are you familiar with, or have a good grasp of, the software used with this company?
Outline the amount of project/program involvement you’ve had to date?
What would other students or colleagues say about your work ethic?

What was the topic of your senior thesis? Were there elements of the research that apply to this position?
Since we deal with international clients, do you speak any other languages?
List the skills you possess that are relevant to this role.
Detail your experiences within your last internship.
What’s your measure of success within this position?
What are your short- and long-term career goals relevant to this role?
What employment experience do you possess that is pertinent to this position?

Outline the amount of leadership experience you possess.
Do you belong to any professional or business organizations that will help you learn and advance within this role?

On a scale of 1 to 10, what do you think is your level of motivation?
What initiatives have you taken in the last 6 months to promote your career?
How do you plan to learn, progress, and grow within this position?


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