How to Write a Resume with Purpose and Pizzazz!

You may wonder if such a thing is possible. Aren’t most resumes about as interesting as yesterday’s news?

Yes, most are.

But yours doesn’t have to be.

You have about three seconds to grab the hiring manager’s attention. So don’t waste it with trite, cliché-ridden sentences or a long list of the jobs you’ve held––from bagging groceries to supervising a sales team.

Instead, write a powerful resume objective, which includes your desire to be called for an interview, which will lead to the job you’re seeking.

Place that statement at the top of your resume like this:

Objective: Communications Trainer – Seeking an interview for a position where my ability to increase and open communication between management and employees will transform interpersonal relations, resulting in an increase in the bottom line and in company morale.

When it comes to writing a resume, opening with an objective is a relatively new technique.

How can you be sure it will work?

Because the more specific and direct you are with your purpose, the more compelling you will appear to the hiring manager. When you are clear about what you want, he or she will be clear about wanting to meet you.

A clearly stated objective will cause a hiring manager to sit up and notice you as an individual with a goal in mind.

A clearly stated objective will cause a hiring manager to begin ‘picturing’ you in the position for which you are applying.

A strong purpose-filled statement like the example above leaps off the page of your resume. It will keep your goal front and center. And if your objective is to land a job interview, what could be more important than commanding the reader’s attention the moment he or she starts to read.

Here are 3 additional resume objective examples:

Objective: Executive Secretary – Seeking an interview for the position where my organization and communication skills will increase the executive’s ability to manage key affairs without delay.

Objective: Director of Marketing – Seeking an in-person meeting to secure a job where I can enhance the bottom line as a result of my ten years of experience moving a company from start-up to successful corporation.

Objective: Head Chef – Seeking an interview for the opening at Chez Francois, Century City, where my prize-winning entrees with an international flair and my unique ‘very French’ chocolate desserts will increase the bottom line within three months—guaranteed.

Punch up your resume with a clearly worded objective and the hiring manager just may open the door for you—one that leads to a new career in the profession of your dreams.

Article Written by Jimmy Sweeney


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