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“Thank you so much! I landed a fantastic job yesterday as IT Director of [removed for privacy purposes]. I could not have done it without your help! I wanted to let you know that you have a very satisfied customer! Thank you again! I am getting a nicer salary! Also part of my compensation is bonus, profit sharing and a gas card. :)” Jason F., IT Director, Ellsworth, PA

“Hello!!! I'm happy to say the search went very well. I interviewed with some of the bigger companies such as Booz Allen Hamilton and NG and had some DoD civil service offers, but decided to go with a smaller company which I believe can utilize my experience in a more diverse manner. The company is X [eliminated for privacy]. They had the best benefits, the better working environment, and the best future vision. I begin work on 2 Jan and the pay is very good...I think. I'll be starting at $130K with a starting bonus of $5K. I'm looking forward to starting my next chapter! Thanks for the help and assistance!” Judson B., Project Manager